Why You Need Rhassoul Clay in Your Routine

       Rhassoul Clay Mask Benefits

Using a clay mask as part of our skin care routine is certainly common. After all, clay masks work wonderfully for anyone, especially for oily, normal, or acne-prone skin. But have you heard of Rhassoul Clay Mask benefits for your skin? Read on.


What is Rhassoul Clay?

Sourced from mountains in Morocco, Rhassoul Clay is a high quality, soothing beauty clay used mostly for the skin and hair. Also known as Ghassoul Clay, red clay, or red Moroccan clay, the unique feature of this particular clay is that it can only be found in a specific mountainous area in Morocco, as the clay comes from a specific combination of geothermal and volcanic activity. A clay that has been used on the skin and hair, for centuries.

The clay has a smooth and silky texture and it gives you a luxurious feel. And certainly, the benefits of using the clay on a regular basis are unparalleled.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ghassoul Clay Mask For My Skin?

You can use the clay for a multitude of skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, to even out skin tone (due to various skin conditions, or perhaps getting sunburned). The clay also works to heal, improve, and purify your skin, especially for acne-prone skin. By drawing out excess sebum, dirt, impurities and dead skin cells, the clay can reduce acne and prevent it. The clay is especially high in silica and magnesium content, apart from other list of minerals, making it very soothing to use, even on a regular basis. You can even use the clay as a substitute for your regular facial cleanser and makeup remover, if necessary.

The good thing about Ghassoul Clay is you can use it on a daily basis. The clay is gentle enough and suitable for all skin types, and yet strong enough to heal and improve your skin, every single time.

In fact, a clinical study testing Ghassoul Clay has proven that it improves overall skin structure, namely the elasticity, skin cells’ integrity and skin healing mechanism.

For an extra touch, you can add the clay to other skin care recipes to boost the benefits of these recipes. Our recommendation: add a drop of our Argan Oil into the clay to make a healing and soothing face mask.

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The ghassoul clay is so perfect for oily skin, helps clear excess sebum without over drying my skin!

Ellena Bryant March 22, 2020

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