Why Do I need Rose Water In my Skincare Routine



Rose Water not only smells heavenly but it also has an array of benefits for your skin. If you have not already, It’s now time to add Rose water, the best toner for glowing skin to your skincare routine. Rose Water toner is beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What are the Benefits of Rose Water for your face?

Organic Rose Water is the best toner for glowing skin, it has so many benefits and one of the main benefits is that it gives your complexion an added glow. Who wouldn’t want  glowing skin these days? Organic Rose Water also helps in maintaining the skin’s PH balance. It cleans pores from oiliness and grime, additionally it clears blackheads , whiteheads and acne.

Rose water toner is a good defence for under- eye puffiness, it hydrates and moisturises the skin giving it a fresh look. With its high dosage of anti-inflammatory, the mist also helps ease redness and inflammations

When should I apply Rose water to my skincare routine?

Organic Rose Water can be used as a cleanser or as a toner for your face. It can replace your current facial cleanser, as it has anti-bacterial properties. It acts as an astringent due to the fact that it clears off dirt from the skin. It can also remove your makeup.

Although you can use organic rose water as a cleanser, it is even more beneficial as a toner. After you cleanse your skin, the rose toner tones the skin and tightens your pres. Toning your skin is a very important step in your skincare routine. The purpose of toning is to revitalise and nourish your skin after cleansing and cleaning it. In fact adding a toner to your skincare routine is what is standing between you and clear skin.

Organic Rose Water can be applied in the morning or/ and evening after you cleanse.

How to use rose water at night?

Soak a cotton pad in the organic rose water and dab on your face and let it dry. This can be done right after you cleanse and just before you apply your night moisturiser or serum. Rose Water can stay on your face overnight and doesn’t need to be washed. In fact organic rose water on face overnight can help you have a better sleep due to the rose’s smell which is a mood enhancer.

How often can I use Rose Water on my face?

Organic Rose Water toner for glowing skin can be used in the morning and in the evening in your skincare routine and can be used on a daily basis. It should be used daily to increase the results of its benefits.

Can I use Rose Water if I have Acne?

If you ever wondered if you could use organic Rose Water toner for glowing skin when you have acne, well the answer is a BIG YES. In fact organic Rose Water might be your natural solution to your stubborn spots and acne breakouts. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce skin redness, soothes the discomfort of acne, and prevents acne swelling. It’s high content of vitamin C and phenolics make it a natural solution for inflamed acne . An organic Rose Water mist can only improve the condition of your acne.

Can I use Rose Water for Sunburn?

Yes absolutely, Rose Water can be used to sooth sunburn, spray rose water on your sunburn area 2 to 3 times a day for best results. It will hydrate and freshen your skin and soothe the pain too.  

Where Can I Buy Pure Rose Water?

Soul Sisters Morocco has the best Rose Water toner for glowing skin. It is 100% Pure and Organic and it is made in a Women’s cooperative In Morocco. Soul Sisters Morocco’s rose bottle is 100 ml and costs 21 USD.

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I am in love with your rose water, tried it , loved it and i recommend it , I actually use it for my hair too.

Nayla August 13, 2020

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