Where To Buy Pure Argan Oil

Argan trees are known for being endemic to South Morocco and that is what makes Argan Oil so special. Today, the oil has become so popular and can be purchased anywhere. However, although it has become a lot more accessible, there are so many non pure Argan Oils in the market and purchasing one of those will not provide any of the benefits of pure, organic Argan Oil.

  In order to reap the full benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil, it is imperative to purchase the highest quality oil. Generally, the price is the first indication of the oil's pureness and quality. Soul Sisters Morocco's Organic, Pure Argan Oil costs $25 USD. 

When choosing an Argan Oil wether online or in retail, it is important to look at the ingredients to ensure that there are no added essential oils, preservatives or chemicals as Argan Oil in it's purest form is most effective. In Morocco, there are certain laws and regulations in regards to the harvesting of Argan seeds and the production of Argan Oil and this has been reserved to Berber women in women's cooperatives. 

Soul Sisters Morocco's Pure, Organic Argan Oil is Ecocert and USDA certified and produced by berber women in fair trade women's cooperatives. We uphold to the highest production standards from the harvesting of the seeds to the final product delivery.

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