Benefits Of The Moroccan Black Soap

 The Wonders of Moroccan Black Soap

You can take your skin-pampering routine a step further by using the Moroccan Black Soap, also referred to as the Beldi Soap, currently a popular trend and it has become quite popular among organic beauty fans. The soap has been used for centuries to achieve cleansed and smooth skin.

Moroccan black soap has been part of the bath ritual in traditional Moroccan culture. For centuries the gentle, yet powerful soap has been used not just for washing and cleaning; the ingredients used to make the soap are known for their exfoliating and detoxifying properties so using the soap gives you a thorough squeaky-clean feeling. And prepares your skin for the rest of your beauty products (oils, creams…)


What Is Moroccan Black Soap

Moroccan black soap is made from either argan oil or olive oil (sometimes both), as well as olive pulp. It does not use any animal by-products common in other types of soap. After the saponification process which creates the soap with a wood ash, the soap turns into a gel-like, buttery consistency with a dark amber color.

It is commonly thought that the black soap is in a bar form but it is not. Since the soap comes in gel-like form, the soap is kept in a jar and used the same way you would with a moisturiser.

The good thing about the soap is that it is plant-based and free from chemicals and preservatives so the soap won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture and oil. 

The soap is gentle and suitable for all skin types (including acne-prone skin), and certainly potent enough to remove dirt, grime, impurities, product buildup, makeup products all without being abrasive to your skin.

The Moroccan Black Soap will not just leave you with thoroughly cleansed skin; your skin will feel soft and moisturised. And because of this feature, Moroccan black soap can be used as part of treating various skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis as it nourishes your skin.


Why You Need This Soap

With regular use of Moroccan black soap, you can maintain the health of your skin and keep it youthful at the same time.

The nourishing properties of the soap; vitamin A, E, and various antioxidants are beneficial to repair your skin and protect it from any signs of aging, plus the exfoliating properties helps to stimulate your skin to produce new skin cells and improve blood circulation, so the skin stays young, radiant, and healthy.


If you want to improve the look and feel of your skin, look no further than the beauty wonder of Moroccan black soap. Our Moroccan black soap is made with black olives, eucalyptus oil and argan oil for added skin benefits, with no added chemicals and preservatives. For best results, we highly recommend for you to use a Kessa glove for thorough exfoliation.


A smooth, youthful, and healthy skin with Moroccan Black Soap as your beauty secret.


This soap is heaven I absolutely love it

Nayla July 01, 2020


silvi March 22, 2020

I love this especially for my eczema

hanna March 10, 2020

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