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It is very important to use a facial mask at least once a week to clear out impurities, detoxify your skin and reduce blackheads. There are so many masks out there and sometimes its hard to pick which mask is suitable for your skin type and which mask can actually help you solve your skin issues. Moroccan Clay mask has become very popular due to numerous benefits and usually Moroccan clay mask is suitable for all skin types. Learn more about all the benefits of Moroccan clay mask and why you should add it to your skincare routine for a perfect skin. 

 Brightens your skin

 When you apply a clay mask directly to your skin, it unclogs your skin of toxins and therefore brightens your skin and gives it a glow. Clay mask tend to get you rid of your dull, tired skin. Using a clay mask two times a week for 10 minutes can have a significant effect on your skin, it will make it brighter and healthier. Soul Sisters Morocco Red Clay Mask is made of red clay and rose, it deep cleans your skin and gives it a glowing texture. Moroccan red clay is recommended for dull and tired skin. The Moroccan red clay will give you perfect skin. 

Hydrates dry skin

A lot of the masks out there tend to be a little bit drying, so a lot of people with dry skin tend to avoid facial masks. However there are some masks that actually help hydrate dry skin. Moroccan Red Clay  is known for moisturising and hydrating dry skin. Moroccan Red Clay Mask is very suitable for people that have dry and scaly skin. 

Treats oily skin

Applying a clay mask on a weekly basis draws out excess sebum from your pores. If you have oily skin the best clay mask for your face would be the Moroccan Rhassoul Mask. The Moroccan Rhassoul Clay benefits are numerous , the ghassoul is a mineral rich product that detoxifies, cleanses and purifies the skin. It absorbs excess sebum and prevents breakouts. This Moroccan clay is highly recommended for people with oily or acne prone skin as it tends to control acne and excess oil . Soul Sisters Morocco Rhassoul Clay comes in a powder form , it should be mixed with water or rose water and applied to the skin and rinsed after 10 minutes. For perfect skin results, the Rhassoul Clay Mask should be used 2 to 3 times a week.

Detoxifies your skin

To get perfect skin, we all need a skin detox  ! Our skin is always exposed to environmental factors that can be very skin damaging. Detoxifying your skin is very important. Using a Moroccan clay Mask is a good detox solution. When dead skin cells accumulate , your skin will look dull and uneven. Moroccan red Clay mask will help you get rid of dead skin cells and it will keep them from accumulating.

Treats Acne

When you get an acne breakouts, you might think that you should avoid using a mask to not trigger the acne. Its true you can’t use any mask as a lot have harsh chemicals that can make the acne even worse. However using a green clay mask or a Rhassoul clay mask can actually help with your breakout. The green clay mask and Rhassoul Clay mask detoxify your pores and removes bacteria that can cause breakouts.

Smoothens your skin

When your skin is filled with large pores, it tends to feel and look harsh and flaky. Moroccan Clay mask tend to refine pores giving you a perfect skin.











I am yet to try the Moroccan clays, I am personally in love with Moroccan skincare, been using Moroccan skincare for 3 years now. I love Morocco , the food , the culture, the skincare.

Nayla August 13, 2020

Love the red clay mask, its not overly drying so its perfect for my dry skin and i always glow after i wash it off, i can’t use it more than twice a week though.

Mimi August 13, 2020

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