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We have all heard about the Moroccan Argan oil and its wonders for the skin and hair. The Moroccan argan oil or often called the liquid gold is a natural skincare and haircare product that does miracles for hair and skin. Here, experts explain what is argan oil, How is argan oil extracted,  its vitamins , its composition and a lot more.

What is Argan oil?

Organic Argan oil is derived from the kernels of the Argan Tree in Morocco. The Argan trees are usually found in the south of Morocco. The best Argan oil is usually made in fair trade cooperatives. These cooperatives give a chance to women to work. It is highly recommended to get a fair trade argan oil. 

How is argan oil extracted?

The Argan nuts are collected by hand by women from Moroccan cooperatives, then the outer layer of the argan nuts are removed and dried. The argan seeds are then cold pressed and that is the best way to preserve the oil’s composition and vitamins. that is the way fair trade argan oil is extracted. 

What are the Argan oil benefits for hair?

The organic Argan oil from Morocco can make a big difference to your hair. Organic argan oil can help clear your hair from dandruff, it can make your hair shinier and healthier. Its high content of vitamin E protects your hair from breakage and protects it against UV.  Organic Argan oil is a perfect split ends treatment and it also soothes frizz and damaged hair. The Moroccan argan oil will also help entangle your hair making your hair softer and glossier.

What is Argan Oil Used For?

Organic Moroccan Argan oil can be used as an argan oil hair treatment. You can soak some Organic argan oil on your hair and leave it for an hour or if you prefer you can leave it overnight as an argan oil hair mask before you wash it off with shampoo. Your hair will look shiny, healthy and voluminous. For Best results you should try to apply the argan oil hair treatment once to two times a week. 

You can also use Organic Moroccan argan oil as a hair oil. Meaning you use it on your hair as a hair serum without washing it off. 1 or two drops of organic argan oil daily or maybe a few times a week is recommended for people with very dry, thick or damaged hair. The oil is not greasy and it will help nourish your hair and make it shiny and glossy. On the other hand, people with thin or oily hair may opt for using only 1 or two drops of the oil after they wash their hair and not on a daily basis.

How often should you put Argan oil in your hair ?

If your hair is oily or thin we suggest you to use the Organic Moroccan argan oil once or twice a week , however if your hair is very dry, very thick or very damaged , we suggest you to use it daily or maybe a few times during the week.

What are the vitamins that are in Argan oil ?

Organic Moroccan Argan oil contains oleic acid and linoleum acid, it is also very rich in vitamins E . The Organic Moroccan Argan oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Can Argan Oil regrow hair?

The benefits of organic Moroccan argan oil are numerous and promoting hair growth is definitely one of the benefits. It has been proven that organic argan oil is excellent for the scalp due to its antioxidant properties and high content of vitamin E. Vitamin E has proven to promote hair growth and make the hair stronger and thicker. So the answer is Yes Organic Moroccan Argan oil can help promote hair growth by improving hair follicles and hair scalp .

Coconut oil for hair VS Argan oil for hair?

Coconut oil and Organic Moroccan argan oil are both known for their hair benefits. Which is better for your hair Coconut oil or Moroccan Argan oil ? There is no right answer to this question, in fact it just depends on your needs and your hair type and condition.

Coconut oil is suitable for all hair types and keeps your scalp healthy , it helps build stronger hair strands therefore coconut oil is a great treatment for hair breakage and hair growth. Organic Moroccan Argan oil has also similar benefits, as it also promotes hair growth, gives your hair the necessary nutrient and vitamins to shine. The difference between the two oils is that coconut oil is more thicker than Organic Moroccan argan oil , therefore argan oil with its light texture can be used as a day to day treatment compared to coconut oil which is much thicker and is not recommended for daily use. Coconut oil can leave your hair a little too greasy so we recommend you to use it as a scalp and hair treatment and not as a leave on conditioner.

Where to buy the best Pure Argan Oil ?

The best Organic Moroccan argan oil should be 100 % Pure, fair trade , cold pressed and organic. Make sure you read the ingredients properly and that it clearly states that argan oil is pure with no added ingredients or fragrance. There are many argan oil hair products in the market, such as argan oil shampoos or argan oil conditioners or argan oil serums but for optimum results, it is advised to use pure argan oil .

The best Argan oil should be pure with no added fragrance. Additionally try to buy an Argan oil that is certified Ecocert or USDA that would mean that the Argan oil is Organic. Lastly make sure the Argan oil is made in Morocco for assurance for its authenticity. Fair trade Argan oil is also something you should look into when looking to purchase argan. 

Soul Sisters Morocco’s argan oil is pure , cold pressed, and Organic. It is USDA and Ecocert certified and it is made in a Women Moroccan Cooperative. It is also a Fair Trade Argan oil . Soul Sisters Morocco does not only represent the two founding sisters, it represents the thousands of women in Morocco who work to make the most of the country's natural resources, they are our Soul Sisters.  Every bottle of Argan oil sold helps support these women and gives back to their underprivileged communities.














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