5 Tips to Treat Congested Skin




Smooth and flawless skin. We all dream of it, but achieving it is another story, especially if you are constantly faced with congested skin. Congested skin comes in the form of blackheads, whiteheads or most commonly, enlarged, clogged pores or sometimes all three of them. Skin congestion can make those clear skin dreams seem so far away. Thankfully that does not have to be the case. If you put in efforts to understand your skin and follow a few tips, you’ll be flaunting your smooth, clear complexion in no time.

What is congested skin?

Congested skin, as explained, can come in many forms from blackheads, whiteheads to clogged pores.However, the proper definition of congested skin is when skin is impacted within a skin pore (follicle). This impact includes oil buildup, dead skin cells, small hairs and dirt and sometimes bacteria on the skin surface.

Do you have congested skin?

It’s quite simply, run your hand on your face and check if you feel any sort of bumpy texture or uneven areas, if that’s the case, chances are your skin is congested. Uneven textures are usually more obvious on the T-zone and cheeks were blackheads and whiteheads are more prevalent.

What causes skin congestion?

There are many factors that can contribute to skin congestion, the most common ones include pore clogging skincare products (these are products containing highly comedogenic ingredients), a poor or lack of a cleansing routing, lack of exfoliation and both hair and makeup products. In addition to these factors, less common ones include over-active oil glands caused by hormones or an unbalanced diet. Pores can also get clogged in tropical weather with constant humidity which makes it more difficult to control and avoid.

Tips to treat skin congestion

  1. Use a Facial Steamer

Face steamers are able to hydrate and loosen debris and dirt on the skin which is clogging your pores. They can be very effective as the warm temperature helps relax the skin which makes pores dilate and makes it easier for them to be cleaned in the next skincare steps. If you do not own a facial steamer an alternative is to place boiling water in a bowl and lean over the bowl, keep your face about 20 cm from the water and drape a towel over your head to create a tent. You can control the heat by raising or lowering your head over the water. Steam your face for 10 minutes or until the steam dissipates. This will allow you to reduce those pesky breakouts that usually come from not washing first and oil that build up within the skin’s surface.

2. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Ensuring that you are cleansing your skin properly is one of the best ways to fight skin congestion. It is so important to have a thorough cleansing routine and to stick to it and avoid soap based formulas that remove skin moisture.  Cleansing tools are also helpful at removing dirt and dead skin build-up, make sure you take your time on this step of your routine, you can not be rushing it.

3. Use a Toner

Lots of people seem to skip this step in their skincare routine but we can not stress how important this is. Using a toner after cleansing helps remove dead skin cell build-up.  We recommend an alcohol-free, natural toner to avoid irritation and redness. Soul Sisters 100% pure Rose Water is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The benefits of skin toners are often disregarded but they should be an indispensable step in your routine between cleanser and other steps. Toners help remove any final traces of dirt, pollution and make up that the cleanser is unable to remove. It helps smooth the skin and allows skincare products to sink in more effectively. Rose Water has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help unclog your pores, controls oil production and prevents future breakouts. Swipe it over cleansed skin with a cotton pad and watch as your complexion transforms.

4. Exfoliate more regularly

After your cleansing and toning we recommend exfoliating your skin two to three times a week. Exfoliation is very important but using the wrong kind of scrub can end up making the situation worse, it can strip your skin of essential moisture and aggravate acne and some exfoliating particles can even lead to micro-tears in your skin. To avoid damaging your skin, look for products that contain replenishing ingredients like vitamin E. Soul Sisters Morocco Prickly Pear Facial Scrub contains Prickly Pear Seeds which are infused with Vitamin E and Vitamin K  and are also very gentle on the skin. Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells and improves microcirculation which leads to a smoother and more even toned complexion.

5. Keep your skin clear

We might not realise but we are constantly in contact with bacterias wether it is from our phone screens, pillow cases or hair brushes. It is so important to keep your skin clear by regularly washing your hair brush, changing your pillow case and disinfecting phone screens. It might be necessary to change to a sensitive skin washing powder for your clothes and to ensure that your personal body products do not contain any nasty ingredients. Try to keep your hands clean and off your face and regularly disinfect eyebrow tweezers and your makeup brushes.

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