4 Celebrity skincare secrets for flawless skin

We all dream of flawless beauty and skin. We all look at celebrities and their flawless beauty and skin and wonder what are their glowing skin secrets? Today we have Good news for you , we have compiled a few celebrity’s glowing skin secrets and will share them with you.

Secret 1 Pure Argan Oil

Have you seen Eva Mendes flawless beauty and skin? When asked about her glowing skin secrets, Actress Eva Mendes answered ‘ organic Argan oil from Morocco is my total skin secret, its spectacular’. Gisele Bundshen the supermodel also confirmed that organic Argan oil was an essential part of her beauty routine.

American Reality TV Kim Kardashian said that organic argan oil has a special place in her daily beauty routine in order to keep her hair and skin moisturised. Catherine Zeta jones swears by organic argan oil when asked about her glowing skin secrets. Salma hayek has said that organic argan oil was her final touch treatment for extraordinary hair.  Many more celebrities with flawless beauty and skin have confirmed that Pure organic argan oil from Morocco has been part of their glowing skin secrets and is a necessary products for their hair care an skincare routine.

Known as liquid gold , pure argan oil is a fast absorbing product that nourishes, conditions and treats dry and dull hair and skin.

Secret 2 Use a face Mist

Have you seen Alicia Keys with no make up ? Her flawless beauty and skin without the help of make up is just WOW. When asked about her glowing skin secrets, she said that she has a minimalist skincare routine that she follows every day which includes a cleanser, a face mask, a face mist, an eye cream, a sunscreen and finally a skin tint. Alicia Keys says that the face mist is very important for her skincare routine and in fact is one of her main glowing skin secrets. She uses rose water face mist and it just does wonders for her skin. She said that the smell is amazing , and that what she loves about rose is that it’s a heart opener, it really does open your heart she claims. Many other celebrities swear by the rose water.

Rose water is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and it is full of vitamin A, B, C and E. We suggest to add an organic rose water mist to achieve the flawless beauty and skin you have always dreamed of.

Secret 3 Exfoliation

‘ I start every day by exfoliating my face. That’s something i’ve done for the past 40 years , I feel like it’s really contributed to my skin feeling fresh and smooth’ stated famouss model Christie Brinkley. She claims that one of her glowing skin secrets is the fact that she exfoliate her face and gets rid of dead skin cells and that is what kept her skin soft, young and glowing over the years. We recommend you a very gentle scrub such as soul sisters morocco’s prickly pear scrub. The scrub is very gentle on your face and we recommend you to use it after cleaning 2 to 3 types a week depending on your skin type. This scrub is suitable for all skin types.

Secret 4 Use a minimalistic skincare routine

Sometimes using too many products can irritate the skin , according to Erin Heatherton. In fact the most effective skincare routines are the most simple ones. When asked about her glowing skin secrets,  Victoria Beckham says that she adopted a minimalistic skincare routine after her facialist advised her to and it worked wonders. Her skin facialist advised her to be wary of layering different actives as this can have implications for skin. A routine that’s simple and targeted to your skin’s need is actually much better. Less is more is the advice we give you.








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